cryptocurrency scalper for scalping on Binance

Overview of the cryptocurrency scanner functionality

Робоча область інтерфейсу
The working area of the interface

Login and identification in the system

To log in, you need to find the Telegram bot link @WatchlistTopRuBot. The first time you log in, a user account is created.

This requires that you:

  • Launch the chat window of the bot @WatchlistTopRuBot,
  • When you first log in, just click the “Start” button once. Then click “Get Link“, copy the received URL and open it in your browser.

Important! If the link came from several Telegram accounts, it will also be from different accounts in the app. Thus, you will need to choose and remember which Telegram account you received permission to enter and subscribe from so that it will work in the future.

How it works

It takes advantage of the open API of the cryptocurrency exchange Binance. You can choose which coins to follow on the spot and/or futures markets.

After authentication, any device can access all user settings (drawn custom figures, set sound notifications about price levels, the current selected period, the chart display style, the selected currency) stored on the server.

Створення списку криптовлают

When you first use, you need to create a list of coins that you need for analysis, the parameters that you can customize are shown in the photo. Only data from the Binance exchange is available


It is possible to display from one to four charts of one coin in one window. Support and resistance levels are automatically drawn in blue and trend lines in green and red. Irrelevant levels and trends (which the price has crossed) change color to gray. Broken levels and trends (gray) are saved between sessions. The button in the interface (the basket with a clock) is deleted only for the current coin when clicked once, and is deleted for all coins when clicked again.

Explanation of the figures in the graph
Explanation of the figures in the graph

You can draw several types of shapes: line, ray, price level, Fibonacci levels, price channels. You can delete a pattern by right-clicking on it, and delete all custom patterns at once by clicking on the button in the interface. On the daily timeframe, only daily levels are displayed, on the four-hour timeframe – daily and four-hour levels, on the hourly and smaller timeframes – all levels are displayed. The levels of the higher timeframes on the chart of the lower timeframes are highlighted by the line thickness, for example, on the hourly chart, hourly levels are lines with a thickness of 1 pixel, four-hour levels are lines with a thickness of 2 pixels, and daily levels are lines with a thickness of 3 pixels.

Панель інструментів

List of coins for analysis

Список монет для аналізу
List of coins for analysis

☆ Favorites – you can add coins to any number of lists (up to 6).

🔔Alerts – if at least one notification is configured, it is displayed in the column. The list displays the distance in percent between the current price and the nearest price for which the alert is set. Telegram bot automatically duplicates notifications. You don’t need to set up anything special.

1h, 4h, 1d – the gap in percentage between the current price and the nearest level in the corresponding period. Optionally, you can also enable 15m and 30m intervals. You can organize everything in ascending order.

T (Trend) – the distance in percent between the current price and the nearest trend line. Sorting in ascending order is possible. In the settings, you can enable/disable certain periods. If all intervals are deactivated, the column is not displayed in the list. The first click will sort by all timeframes if more than one interval is set; the second and subsequent clicks will sort by the enabled timeframes in order (the timeframe is indicated next to “T”).

O (order) – the difference in percentage between the current price and the nearest large limit order. It can be ordered in ascending order. An order is compared to the threshold volume defined specifically for each coin to determine whether it is a large order or not.

V (volume) – the volume of the last candle in relation to the average volume. Sorting in descending order is possible. The parameters for the average volume are set in the settings.

Δ (delta) – price change in percentage for the last candle on the interval selected in the parameters.
The calculation is based on ((close – open) / open) * 100%.
The indicator can be used to track sharp price jumps on short time intervals.
The column is hidden from viewing in the list if the interval is not specified in the parameters.

P (price) is the average percentage change in price on the selected timeframe for the selected period, which is determined by the number of candlesticks on the timeframe. For this indicator, the relative change is calculated for each interval as (high – low) / low, and then the average value is determined by dividing the total change by the total number of candles in the period.
The column will be hidden from viewing in the list if the interval is not specified in the options.
The indicator can be used to calculate the volatility of an instrument.

Glass of TOP orders

Стакан ТОП ордерів

The table below the list of coins. The table shows the ten largest orders from each side (ASK, BID) in the range of +5% to the price, sorted by price. Everything within this range is displayed if it is smaller.

On the left side of the table, there is a horizontal chart of order volumes, where each column corresponds to the volume of an order at that price. Yellow and purple colors highlight large volumes. Orders with a volume greater than the threshold volume are highlighted in purple.

The threshold volume can be automatically determined based on the parameters set in the settings, or you can set a different value for each coin.

Automatic threshold volume determination. The threshold volume is determined as the product of the average volume by the multiplier specified in the settings, if no fixed value is specified.

The average volume, excluding the outliers, is the average of all orders from the top. If you set the multiplier to 1, you will be able to see an example of average volume values.Threshold volume is measured every ten seconds.

If necessary, you can set an individual value for the threshold volume. To do so, click on the number next to the coin name and define its value. Click on the cross next to the number to start the automatic volume calculation.


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