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Trader Make Money is a trader’s diary, i.e. you connect your API and the system automatically records all your trades! Let’s find out if the service is necessary and how to use it?

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First of all, let’s register on the platform!

Go to link (-20% on the first payment) and enter your data, namely your name, and think of your password. After you have clicked “Continue” will come a confirmation code to the mail you specified. Below on the screenshots you can see it clearly, the registration process takes no more than 5 minutes;

login in trade make money
Creating an account on TMM

What is a trader’s diary for?

If you do not analyze the results of your trading, the probability of becoming a plus trader decreases many times over. It is mandatory to collect statistics and analyze them. The diary will show your repeated mistakes and you will be able to correct them. Once you start using this diary, you will see that there are a lot of additional features that will be extremely useful for a practicing trader.

Is it safe to use this service?

For every trader the security of his funds is of paramount importance and such a question is of course appropriate. The system is built in such a way that you only connect your API for reading. The maximum that you can do with the help of this API is to see your balance on your futures account.   The service claims that it applies all necessary protection measures to remain safe.

Many people are used to keeping a diary of their trades in Excel or notepad, so do they need this website?

The answer is obvious, this service saves a lot of time, at least you will save the time you needed to enter information into an Excel spreadsheet. There is a free tariff on the service, which in principle is enough for a beginner trader.

How do I create an API key?

In fact, it is very easy to do this now, as exchanges are moving forward at a breakneck pace. In order to create an API key on the exchange, it is enough to go to the “API Management” menu and create a new key. It is also important to give it a name and select “Read-only” in the restrictions, unchecking all other items;

  • Instructions for Binance exchange
  • Instruction for Bybit exchange
  • Instructions for the OKX exchange

WARNING! Service does not recommend changing API keys if you do not change your account on the exchange. There may be some problems that take time to solve.

Интерфейс и функции сервиса

workspace trade make money

In general the service looks like this, let’s explore its features in more detail! 


First of all, going to the “Profile” tab, the service will offer to connect paid packages, which currently cost 12 dollars per month. Then you can choose the language you want to use, at the moment there are English and Russian and the time zone in which you trade. For ease of perception you can choose the color of the theme and then click “Save”;

Service tariff plans

tarif plans price in trademake money
Display of tariff plans

So, you see there are three subscription levels, and the first one is free or beginner. The disadvantage of the subscription is that the data will be stored for only one month and you can connect one API key in order to track your statistics in more detail;

The next level of subscription Trader cost is 15 dollars if you buy it for one month, if you take it for a year at once it is 12 dollars a month. Here the advantages are immediately obvious: infinite data storage, 10 analytical widgets and you can connect 3 API keys. At the level of Trader Pro unlimited connection of API keys, data storage is also not limited in time – the cost of this package is 29 dollars per month or if you take it for a year, 25 dollars per month;

Net profit/Net Loss

This panel on the main page is very convenient, as it immediately shows your loss or profit by day. It is enough to simply go to the service and immediately see your daily statistics

My trades

In the “My trades” tab, all trades that have occurred in the nearest time will be displayed. All positions will be written there, indicating leverage, margin, entry points and so on. In fact, this is a very convenient function on this service, which perfectly fulfills the duties assigned to it;

Risk management

The tab will show you where you have violated the rules of risk-management and can even send you Telegram notifications about position entry errors. Of course, you can customize everything for yourself and specify the limits you should not go beyond according to your risk and money management strategy. You will be able to appreciate this feature only when you start using it. And as you know, we are human beings and we tend to give in to emotions, but robots do not know what emotions are.


You can join any public group. After submitting your request, the mentor will contact you at the contact details provided. There may be a fee for mentoring, this will be specified by the mentor.

Your application must be approved by a mentor, they will never have access to your API keys and can’t change the data.


In the “Blog” tab you will be able to familiarize yourself with current articles on trading and explore some topics that may be of interest to you at the moment. Most likely, this section will be suitable for beginner traders;

Is there a mobile app?

At the moment, the service does not have a mobile application, but most likely the development of a mobile application of this service is underway. Every month it is gaining momentum, as it has very useful functions for every trader.

How to connect the API key?

In order to connect the API key you need to go to the “Profile” tab and select the “API Key” window. Pay attention to the screenshot below;

Подключение к Binance Bybit FTX

Once you’ve gone to this menu, click “Add API Key” and select the exchange whose API key you’ll be adding.

Next, you need to log in to your exchange account and add the API key. The whole process takes no more than 5 minutes, but be careful, you need to add a read-only API key.


This service is perfect for practicing traders who trade day in and day out and do not want to waste a lot of time on keeping statistics. The service will do everything for you. There is one significant disadvantage of this service – in the free mode analytics will be stored only for a month;

Diary works with these cryptocurrency exchanges:

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