Review TOP cryptocurrency screeners!

Cryptocurrency screeners are a type of cryptocurrency trading tool that allows crypto traders to check many different crypto tokens to determine the best trading opportunities. Cryptocurrency screeners, can check cryptocurrencies using many different indicators and metrics including price, trends, volatility, market capitalization, RSI, trading volume, technical analysis and more.

To date, there are a huge number of screeners, but we will consider the most top of them!


Scalpstation is an online platform to analyze Binance spot and futures markets. The platform is mainly oriented for intraday traders and scalpers.  You have to understand that on the platform you can only analyze, you can’t trade there. 

Platform capabilities  

 The work panel of the service consists of three main blocks: 

  • Chart of thehanalysis and price movement 
  • Order book 
  • Screener

Each of the blocks can be adjusted to suit you, as there is a wide range of regulation.  

The cost of the screener  

At the moment in the service is available in 3 tariffs: the first of course free, it gives free use of each user, but as you have already understood the functionality will be limited. In the basic tariff the user will be able to add screenshots of 16 charts. The subscription includes 25 charts, the mobile version has notifications, and an advanced watchlist section.  The cost of the Pro version is $8 per month.  


The service is fully designed for market analysis through the Binance platform, ideal for intraday traders and scalpers. The simple interface makes it suitable for beginners, but it’s also good for experienced traders. Let’s remind you again, you can’t trade through the platform, you can only analyze.  


This is a cryptocurrency screener that will help when tracking large spot and futures densities on the Binance exchange. The utility is also designed for intraday traders and scalpers.  

Service Functions  

This service is suitable for additional analysis because it allows you to view the number of digital coins, limit orders that have somehow influenced the asset, volatility and other factors that affect the price of this asset.  The information in the tumblr will be updated automatically every minute.  

A brief look at the interface  

The interface of the utility consists of 10 main sections: home, statistics, news feed, how to use, support the project, settings, contacts, telegram channel, in addition to the volatility indicator and an indicator of BTC. 

Paid rate  

The service has no paid subscriptions, all the functionality of the platform is completely free. The only thing you can do is in the “support the project” section to throw in a donation if you want.  


The service is quite high quality and allows you to analyze the market and see large whale densities. Thanks to this service, you will be able to determine the potential of a trade, especially if your trading strategy is based on densities.  


This screenshot is more suitable for a narrow circle of traders, namely for those who trade on densities or on their breakdown. The server is able to analyze the possible potential of price movement.  

Platform functionality  

It cooperates with two exchanges MOEX and Binance – which means you can analyze asset densities in both the stock market and the cryptocurrency market. On the platform, you will see a real picture of densities and trader activity, and you can also see robots, which are also market participants.  

Traders will be able to see through this service large densities on a particular asset, a big plus is that you can analyze the stock market, too. 

Platform rates  

In the free mode of the service, only the “odd hours” will function. Authorization on the site will speed up updates, and a Pro or Basic subscription will speed up updates by a factor of 5 and block ads for selected sections.  


The screener visually does not look quite modern, but it does not prevent it from performing its direct functions. Quite a good cryptocurrency and stock market screener!

This is a cryptocurrency screener that displays large limit orders of other players in the market. The service is perfect for both intraday traders and scalpers. 

Functionality of the service  

This screener also cooperates with the Binance exchange. All information is displayed in real time.  For convenience, the limit order, which is highlighted in yellow – it means that the price is left to this order 0.35%.  The interface is available both in Russian and English.

Platform rates

The service has a premium subscription, which costs $5 for 30 days or $42 for one year. In principle, the price is adequate, and it removes absolutely all limits.  


The service is ideal for traders who are used to trading from densities and large limit orders. The service shows large densities not only in numbers, but also displays them on the chart.  The interface is made quite convenient and intuitive.  


Scalper.AI is designed as a cryptocurrency density screener. The scalper works with Binance spot and futures markets. The table displays distance to level, market type, price, number of coins in level, USD volume in level, approximate time to density erosion, appearance of price in the density zone and life time (action) of density. Coins can be sorted by these parameters and by ascending/descending in the “Sorting” tab. 

TradingView charts are integrated in Scalper.AI. The chart opens by clicking on the icon next to the instrument name. Coins can be sorted by “Distance to level”, “Coins on level” and other parameters in the “Sorting” tab. In the “Filters” section, you can configure the parameters for selecting coins in the table. It is also possible to configure notifications. 

This service is a crptocurrency density and large limit orders screener. Based on the feedback from users, this screener turned out to be very good in terms of functionality. 

Functionality of  

The screener currently supports over 136 coins for the Binance spot market.   All densities are immediately available to the user after registration. Charts are integrated from the well-known Tradingview application. The service is also available in Russian. 

The screener is quite simply made, it is intuitive and consists of 5 main sections: screening, information, donate, Telegram and general settings. 


This service is perfect for those who have just entered the world of cryptocurrencies and does not yet need a huge number of tools to analyze the market.  The screenser is absolutely free, if someone has a desire he can help the project through the donate tab, but as you understand it is not obligatory.  

Arby Trade

This service is designed for scalping cryptocurrencies and arbitrage. Unlike its closest competitors through this service you can also engage in arbitrage. 

You can arbitrage through this service on exchanges Binance, Bitrex, Kucoin and others. The service audits in real time and identifies arbitrage situations. Fans of scalping will appreciate this service because it provides quality indicators and there is an additional function “risk calculator”. 

The cost of the screener  

The Futures Screener and Risk Calculator are available free of charge. Other features are available by subscription. There are five tariffs in Arby Trade: “Start” – 990 rub./2 weeks, “Initial” – 1 490 rub./month, “Profitable” – 3 490/3 months. Tariff “Professional” – 5 990 rub./6 months, 9 990 rub./12 months. 


The service has a lot of features that are great for both traders and arbitrageurs. As for the price, it is not as high as it seems at first glance. 


Cryptocurrency screener is overwhelmingly for scalpers.  This service is suitable for fans of tactics “catching knives” and is focused mainly for trading from densities.  

Working Area ScalpLive

Screener functionality  

The service searches online for large limit orders on the Binance exchange quotations. The data is displayed on the last 30 candles in the cells.  Unlike its closest competitors, the screener is also designed for trading on horizontal levels. It is also possible to sort orders by the number of lots, and importantly, the scanner updates the information once every 20 seconds. 

Thanks to a new algorithm, the program is able to find horizontal levels, and as we know a large number of orders are accumulated behind these horizontal levels, which can be a good fuel for price movements. 


One month costs $5, for 3 months the service will cost $13.50 and for 6 months $24. 


The screener offers great opportunities, for relatively little money. It’s worth every trader to have a look at this screener.  


This screener is great for intraday traders and scalpers. The service tracks large densities on the Binance exchange, previously there was a density tracking function on the Binance futures market as well.  

Working Area TrendCore

Screener functions  

It’s actually a simple one-page web service that does a great job, but it’s also very simply made. The screener can track up to 138 coins and the full list of coins is displayed immediately on the main screen.  


Service is absolutely free and does not require any investment, to use it, you just need to log in and that’s it. 


An excellent service for those who do not want to invest in this kind of screener, while it performs all its basic functions.

This is a cryptocurrency scalping screener for Binance. It can be useful if you want to determine if a breakout or rebound from density is right for you. 

Screener functions  

In order to start working with this service, you need to hook up the public API key of Binance cryptocurrency exchange or any exchange you are used to use, just like everywhere else. Then you need to choose which coins you will follow and find the density from which you will enter. 


This screener costs $5 for a month, $13.50 for 3 months, and $24 for 6 months. The price is acceptable enough, but only if you are making money trading on a regular basis.  

The main advantages of screeners!  

Of course, the most important advantage of all the screeners is that they allow you to see large densities in the betting market and do it visually, for our convenience.  It is also good that many of them provide a free subscription, which will basically satisfy those traders who do not earn on it, but only learn. 

Disadvantages of screeners  

A common disadvantage that can be identified among all the screeners, is that a lot is not free subscriptions, and immediately need to make a paid. 

What else I would like to note, not all screeners are made qualitatively, many of them are made very simple and have a lot of shortcomings as a visual and practical. 


In the end I would like to say the following, of course, each of the screeners performs its function, but only you choose which one you will use.  


What is a cryptocurrency screener?

A cryptocurrency screener is an online tool that allows you to filter and sort through large amounts of cryptocurrency data, such as price, volume, market capitalization, and more.

Why should I use a cryptocurrency screener?

Using a cryptocurrency screener can save you time by eliminating the need to manually sift through data. It can also help you identify potential investment opportunities quickly and easily, and filter out low-quality coins and scams.

What are some popular cryptocurrency screeners?

Some popular cryptocurrency screeners include CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko, CryptoSlate, TradingView, and CoinCheckup.

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