Cscalp trading terminal for the crypto market

CScalp – is a free professional trading terminal for active trading. It is developed on the basis of the terminal for the prop-traders of Privod Bondar. CScalp is designed for trading on cryptocurrency exchanges. The review examines CScalp features in detail.

Windows ❌ macOS

Beaker CScalp

Cscalp стакан

The key component of CScalp is the glass, which allows traders to place orders quickly and easily. Up to 40 orders can be opened in the terminal at a time. Orders can be placed with a mouse click. Hotkeys are used for optimization: orders can be placed or cancelled faster.

The glass is flexibly configurable. Users can customize the way the slider is centered (by best prices/trades). When hovering the cursor over a price, a ruler appears in Market Depth. It shows the percentage change in price from the nearest best price as a percentage or in points. The ruler can be turned on/off if necessary. The market depth can be displayed in tabs, each of which can show a separate trading instrument.

You can also set in the settings of the glass a notification for triggering of a signal level or for detection of a large volume

Analysis of clusters

CScalp provides tools for cluster analysis, which can be used to understand which side of the market dominates at any given time by looking at the number of contracts traded.

The user can set the volume value for clusters, which will be displayed in different colours depending on whether there are more buyers (green) or more sellers (red) at a given time. Cluster analysis can be performed at different time intervals.

A cluster analysis line has been implemented to facilitate cluster analysis at a particular price. Each cluster column ends with two lines of total volume per candle. The lower line shows the total number of contracts and the upper line shows the difference between buyers and sellers.


CScalp has its own charts that you can use to quickly view the instrument’s past trades. The chart can be in a standard format or in a simplified format (so that only the most important information is displayed in the window).

Each chart has its own toolbar with functions such as selecting a timeframe or a shape to be plotted. There is also a magnet, a “min/max in 2 days” indicator and a ruler showing the percentage change in price.

Working spaces

At the bottom of the CScalp window is a context menu that allows you to quickly and conveniently open a new tab, glass, graph or workspace.

Workspaces are additional independent spaces with their own tabs, glasses and graphs. This feature allows you to set up a separate workspace for each monitor (if the trader has more than one). It can also be used to reduce the load on your computer. For example, 20 windows in two workspaces will render faster than 40 windows in one workspace.

To avoid confusing workspaces, each workspace and its associated tabs, glasses and charts are marked with a colour indicator (next to the CScalp logo).

Types of applications

Limit, market and stop orders are implemented in CScalp. Stop orders include position closing and non-position closing orders.

  • Stop-loss orders that close a position:
  • Stop-Loss;
  • Take-Profit.

Stop-loss orders not related to a position:

  • buy-stop;
  • sell-stop;;
  • buy-limit;
  • sell-limit.

Non-positional stop orders are only implemented for Binance


CScalp has a multi-account function. It allows a trader to connect several accounts of the same exchange and trade on them simultaneously.

For example, a CScalp user can connect two Binance accounts, open an ETHUSDT instrument and trade it in different directions.

Cscalp Works with these crypto exchanges:

CScalp only works with Windows x64. You can run CScalp on macOS and Linux via the Windows emulator

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