Luna’s founder, Do Kwon, was detained by the authorities

In recent days, the world’s media have reported on the detention of Yoon Do Kwon at the airport in Podgorica, Montenegro. The incident became so big that even the leaders of the countries paid attention to it.

The Minister of Internal Affairs of Montenegro, Filip Adzic, said that upon arrival at Podgorica airport, the businessman was detained with forged documents, in particular, his passport contained false information, and documents certifying vaccination against COVID-19 were forged. Yoon Do-kwon is currently in custody while the investigation is ongoing.

This detention was so big that it became a topic of discussion not only in society but also in the crypto-money world. The interest in this incident is caused by the fact that Yoon Do Kwon is a personality who actively studies the cryptocurrency market and its technologies. In addition, the Lotte Group Corporation, headed by Mr. Kwon, has a significant interest in investing in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry.

  • One of the new technologies that Mr. Kwon has been studying is Luna. This cryptocurrency is one of the most progressive innovations in the blockchain industry. It has a unique architecture that allows for high transaction processing speeds, making it attractive to a large number of investors and businessmen.

In this regard, the detention of the head of Lotte Group may have a significant impact on the development and investment in the cryptocurrency industry, including Luna. There is currently no exact data on how this detention will affect the company’s plans for the cryptocurrency industry, but some experts note that it may become an obstacle to investment and the development of new technologies.

In addition, this detention has become so well known in the world that not only prominent country leaders but also international organizations have become interested in it. In particular, several representatives of the European Union asked the Montenegrin authorities to provide more information about the detention and its reasons.

The investigation into Yoon Do Kwon is currently ongoing, so no conclusions can be drawn as to his guilt or innocence. However, this detention has already become one of the most well-known and discussed incidents of this year, and its impact on the cryptocurrency industry and companies that develop it could be significant.


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