US opposes anonymous crypto payments – Reuters

The US announces its intention to fight anonymous crypto payments

The US authorities are planning to ban the use of anonymous crypto payments in order to combat crime and terrorist financing. According to government officials, anonymous transactions allow criminals to conduct transactions without the possibility of tracing and revealing their identity.

What does the ban mean and what are the possible consequences?

A ban on anonymous crypto payments could have serious consequences for the cryptocurrency market and cryptocurrency users. In particular, such a ban may lead to a drop in the price of cryptocurrencies, and force users to look for new ways to conduct anonymous transactions.

Public and expert reaction to the US initiative

The idea of banning anonymous crypto payments in the United States has provoked different reactions among the public and experts.

Some experts believe that a ban on anonymous crypto payments could be an effective tool in the fight against crime and terrorist financing, as it would make it impossible to conduct anonymous financial transactions. They also note that such a ban could contribute to a more transparent and regulated cryptocurrency industry.


The United States opposes anonymous crypto payments due to a well-founded fear of terrorist financing and criminal activity. However, banning such transactions could have negative consequences for the cryptocurrency market and its users.

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