Unchained raises $60 million for bitcoin storage

Unchained, a cryptocurrency storage company, has announced that it has raised $60 million in a series B round of investment. According to the company, these funds will allow it to develop its infrastructure, ensuring even greater security and reliability of cryptocurrency assets.

What is Unchained?

  • Unchained – is a company that provides secure storage of cryptocurrency assets. The company uses the so-called “cold storage,” which means that the private keys required to access cryptocurrencies are stored in offline vaults, ensuring their reliability and security.

What is a series B round of investment?

  • Series of B-round investments is one of the stages of attracting investments from venture capital funds. This stage usually occurs after the A-round, when the company already has a certain history of success and proves its profitability. The B-round series allows the company to raise more funds for further development and expansion of the business.

Why is cryptocurrency storage important?

Cryptocurrencies, in particular bitcoin, are becoming increasingly popular among investors and users. Storing cryptocurrency assets can be complicated and risky, as they are subject to hacking and theft. Therefore, storing cryptocurrencies in a safe place is reliable to ensure the safety and security of investors and users.

The development of Unchained and its contribution to cryptocurrency storage

Unchained is one of the leading cryptocurrency storage companies. In recent years, it has managed to gain a lot of experience and develop its own infrastructure that ensures maximum security for the storage of cryptocurrency assets. The company currently has more than 250 clients from around the world.

According to the company’s representatives, the $60 million raised will allow it to develop its infrastructure and ensure even greater reliability and security of cryptocurrency assets. In addition, the company plans to expand its geography and improve the quality of customer service.


The $60 million investment in Unchained proves that investors believe in its business and consider it promising. The development of Unchained is important for the cryptocurrency asset storage industry, as the company ensures maximum security and reliability of cryptocurrency storage. The funds raised will allow the company to further expand and develop, which will ensure its leadership position in the market.

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