UK Information Commission to investigate Worldcoin

Worldcoin, a project of OpenAI CEO Sam Altman, will be investigated by the Information Commissions Office (ICO), the UK’s data watchdog.

The Information Commissioners Office said in a statement to CoinDesk that it has taken note of the emergence of Worldcoin in the United Kingdom and will be conducting further research. To process personal data, organizations “must have a clear legal basis. If they depend on consent, it should be voluntary and revocable without penalty.”

The cryptocurrency Worldcoin, launched on Monday, positions itself as a digital passport that allows users to demonstrate their humanity. Since the beta version of the project debuted, 2 million people have used it.

The Worldcoin Foundation adheres to strict privacy requirements and “continues to evaluate local laws and regulations to ensure compliance,” a company spokeswoman said. “With respect to GDPR, Worldcoin is fully compliant with all laws and regulations governing the collection and transfer of biometric data, including the General Data Protection Regulation in Europe.”

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