Trezor adds CoinJoin for more private BTC transactions.

The Trezor has added the CoinJoin feature to its crypto wallets, which allows for greater privacy in bitcoin transactions. In this article, we will look at the main issues related to the CoinJoin feature and how it helps to increase the security and privacy of bitcoin transactions.

What is the CoinJoin function?

CoinJoin is a technology that allows you to combine several bitcoin transactions into one. This allows for greater user privacy and makes it harder for third parties to track transactions.

How does the CoinJoin feature work on Trezor?

The Trezor crypto wallet allows you to use the CoinJoin function to combine several transactions into one. This makes bitcoin transactions more confidential and makes it harder for unauthorized parties to track transactions. With the CoinJoin feature, users can ensure the security of their transactions and protect their personal data.

Advantages of the CoinJoin feature on Trezor

Trezor’s CoinJoin feature helps ensure the security and privacy of bitcoin transactions. It makes it difficult for unauthorized parties to track transactions and ensures greater privacy for users. This makes cryptocurrencies more accessible for use in various sectors of the economy.


The CoinJoin feature on Trezor is an important step in restoring the privacy of bitcoin transactions Trezor’s CoinJoin technology allows users to mix their transactions with other users, making them difficult to trace. This increases the level of confidentiality and privacy

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