The world’s first NFT postage stamp from Ukrposhta

In early April 2023, the Verkhovna Rada approved the issuance of an NFT postage stamp by Ukrposhta, which will be the first of its kind in the world. This news aroused considerable interest among fans of technology and art, as well as postal services and collectors.

What is NFT?

(Non-Fungible Token) is a digital asset that can be sold or bought like any other asset, but has a unique characteristic that determines its uniqueness. Thus, an NFT can become a valuable artwork that will have a historical owner, which increases its value.

What does the issue of an NFT stamp by Ukrposhta mean?

In particular, this stamp will be issued in limited quantities, which ensures its exclusivity and creates additional value. The uniqueness of the stamp will be confirmed through blockchain technology, which will ensure its impossibility of counterfeiting and additional security. In addition, the design of the stamp will be linked to Ukrainian culture and history, which will ensure its value for collectors and culture lovers.


The issuance of the NFT stamp by Ukrposhta is an important step for the development of technology and art in Ukraine, as well as confirmation of the country’s leadership in the world. It opens up new opportunities for collectors and investors, and provides additional potential for the development of postal services. NFT technologies can be used to issue unique series of postage stamps and other postal products, which will provide additional value for users and collections.

Also, the issuance of NFT stamps by Ukrposhta can become an example for other countries and postal services in using the latest technologies and creating unique postal products.

Thus, the issuance of NFT stamps by Ukrposhta is an important step in the development of technology and art in Ukraine, and may also become a new direction for the development of postal services.

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