Tether blocks validator address for $25 million MEV attack

What is Tether and the validator address

  • Tether is a cryptocurrency stablecoin that is pegged to the US dollar. This means that one Tether (USDT) is equivalent to one US dollar. The validator address is the address of the wallet that verifies transactions on the Tether network.

What is a MEV attack?

  • MEV attack (Maximizing Execution of a Sample) is a process where attackers use software to detect and execute transactions on a cryptocurrency network to gain an advantage. This may include the use of techniques that enable transactions to exclude other users and prohibited activities that are not factored into prices.

Blocking the Tether validator address

Recently, Tether blocked the address of a validator that carried out a $25 million MEV attack. According to Tether, this address used MEV bots to exploit transactions that were not displayed on the global network. This allowed the attackers to profit at the expense of other network users.

This decision by Tether demonstrates the importance of security in the crypto world and shows that cryptocurrency companies are ready to take measures to prevent criminal activity.

Risk warnings and safety precautions

Since the emergence of MEV attacks, many cryptocurrency issuers have been taking steps to prevent these actions. Tether has stated that they will continue to block addresses that are found to be involved in MEV attacks.

Tether users should be careful to use trusted wallets to store their USDT. They should avoid using wallets that allow others to use their transactions without authorization. They should also always double-check the address they use to receive and send funds to ensure they are entering the correct information.


MEV attacks have become a serious problem in the crypto world, so cryptocurrency issuers should do everything possible to prevent these actions. The blocking of the address of the Tether validator that carried out a $25 million MEV attack is an indicator that companies pay great attention to security.

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