SushiSwap lost $3.3 million through the exploit

SushiSwap is a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange that operates on the Ethereum blockchain. It was launched in 2020 and is based on the idea of automated market mechanics (AMM), which allows users to trade cryptocurrencies without intermediaries.

What happened to SushiSwap?

In April 2023, SushiSwap suffered a $3.3 million exploit. According to the developers, the attacker used a suspicious contract, which led to the loss of funds. According to the developers, they have already taken certain measures to restore the exchange’s security.

What are the implications of the $3.3 million exploit for SushiSwap and its users?

The $3.3 million exploit could have serious consequences for both SushiSwap and its users. This incident could lead to a loss of user confidence in the exchange, which could lead to a decrease in trading volumes and, consequently, the company’s profits.

What measures did SushiSwap developers take after the exploit?

After the exploit, SushiSwap developers reported that they set limits on certain transactions and excluded the suspicious contract from the system. They also launched an investigation and are working with cybersecurity experts to avoid similar incidents in the future.

How can I protect my funds on decentralized exchanges, including SushiSwap?

To protect your funds on decentralized exchanges, you should follow some security rules. For example, use complex passwords and two-factor authentication, do not give access to your wallet to unauthorized persons, do not use the same address for all transactions, and regularly update your wallet software. It is also important to pay attention to the sources of information and always check the address of the website from which you log in to your wallet.


In summary, the SushiSwap exploit is a reminder that decentralized exchanges are not completely safe and require users to follow security rules. It is important to be careful and follow the security rules to protect your funds on decentralized exchanges.

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