SpaceX delivers not only equipment but also BTC to the Moon.

SpaceX is an American company founded in 2002 under the leadership of Elon Musk that develops and launches spacecraft. In 2023, the company is going to launch a new mission to the moon, during which a chest with a private key to 62 bitcoins will be delivered.

What are bitcoins and a private key?

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that exists in electronic form and is based on blockchain technology. A private key is a secret code that allows the owner of a bitcoin address to conduct transactions with their bitcoins. If the private key is lost, the owner will not be able to access their bitcoins.

Why is SpaceX delivering bitcoins to the moon?

The idea of delivering bitcoins to the moon belongs to Geometric Energy Corporation (GEC), which decided to use SpaceX services to implement this mission. This initiative is intended to demonstrate the technological capabilities of bitcoin and blockchain and create a new level of security for the storage of cryptocurrency assets.

What will be the impact on the cryptocurrency market?

The delivery of bitcoins to the moon may have an impact on the cryptocurrency market. This could lead to an increase in investor confidence in cryptocurrencies, as well as an increase in their value. In addition, it may force other companies to consider storing their assets on the blockchain, which in turn may lead to additional development of blockchain technology.

What will be the impact on the space industry?

The delivery of bitcoins to the moon could also have an impact on the space industry. This mission demonstrates the technical capabilities of SpaceX and shows that the company is ready to perform the most difficult tasks. In addition, it may attract additional investment in the space industry, which will help open up new opportunities for space exploration.


The delivery of bitcoin to the moon is an innovative step for the cryptocurrency market and the space industry. It demonstrates the technical capabilities of SpaceX and the blockchain, and may also have a positive impact on investments in cryptocurrencies and the space industry. The delivery of a chest with a private key to 62 bitcoins to the Moon is an important step in the development of blockchain technology and the space industry.


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