Singapore and China support green financial development

Green financial development: basic principles

Green financial development reflects a shift in the way we think about financial investment, focusing on environmentally sustainable investment opportunities. The main principle of green finance is to facilitate the transition to a green economy, ensuring the sustainable development of our planet.

Singapore and China’s efforts for green finance

Singapore and China are supporting green financial development by taking effective measures to support environmentally sustainable investment opportunities. In 2019, Singapore introduced the Green Finance Action Plan to promote green finance, which encourages investment in environmentally sustainable development.

China is also actively supporting green development by introducing a number of policies aimed at supporting the development of environmentally sustainable investment opportunities.

Environmental benefits of green finance

Green finance can have direct environmental benefits, such as reducing emissions and supporting the transition to sustainable technologies and infrastructure. Green investments can help reduce dependence on fossil fuels by facilitating the transition to renewable energy.

Green financial development as a path to a sustainable future

Green financial development has been identified as a key element in the realization of global sustainable development goals and the fight against climate change. Singapore and China are making significant efforts to support green finance, helping to ensure the transition to environmentally sustainable development.


In summary, Singapore and China recognize the importance of green finance and continue to join forces to promote its development. This demonstrates their ability to respond to global challenges in the areas of climate and smart energy, as well as resource efficiency.

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