Sango project token listing delayed in CAR

The Sango project, which is located in the Central African Republic and develops blockchain infrastructure for the development of the local economy, has announced a delay in the listing of its tokens. The listing was supposed to take place on one of the trading platforms, but has been postponed indefinitely.

According to the project’s official announcement, the delay is due to difficulties in organising the listing on the exchange and technical issues. The Sango team has expressed its readiness to continue to cooperate with the exchange and resolve the issues as soon as possible.

The Sango project has already attracted significant investments from various venture capitalists, including blockchain incubator Emurgo and fund company GBV. Sango is developing a decentralised ecosystem for financial and economic development in the Central African Republic and is set to launch its network by the end of this year.

  • A delay in the listing could affect the project’s development and investor interest. However, the Sango team is hopeful that technical issues will be resolved quickly and a successful listing will be achieved in the near future.

The Sango project, which was launched in 2020 to fight corruption and develop the economy of the Central African Republic, planned to list its tokens on one of the well-known crypto exchanges in March 2022. However, according to a message posted on the project’s official website, the listing has been delayed until further notice.

The Sango project uses blockchain technology to fight corruption and support the development of the Central African Republic’s economy. With the help of this technology, the project ensures transparency in financial transactions and settlements, which, in turn, helps to reduce the risk of corruption and the withdrawal of funds from the country.

The result

In general, the listing of Sango tokens in the CAR has been delayed for a number of reasons, including the need to comply with legislation and the desire to increase consumer confidence. The Sango project, which uses blockchain technology to fight corruption in the Central African Republic, hopes to resolve the issues quickly and successfully list its tokens in the future.


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