SafeMoon returns 80% of stolen funds to users

In April 2023, there was big news in the cryptocurrency world. A group of hackers stole a significant amount of SafeMoon tokens, which were worth millions of dollars at the time. However, over time, there was hope for a refund, as the hacker declared his readiness to return 80% of the stolen funds.

The beginning of the SafeMoon cryptocurrency heist

SafeMoon is a new token that appeared on the market in 2021. It is a token that runs on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain. It has become known for its unique concept of making money on transactions and high returns for investors.

In April 2023, hackers managed to breach SafeMoon’s security system and gained access to a significant amount of tokens. The amount of stolen funds is estimated at tens of millions of dollars.

Return of 80% of stolen funds

After the theft, the hacker contacted the SafeMoon team and declared his readiness to return 80% of the stolen funds. In cooperation with the SafeMoon team, we managed to find a way to return the funds.

The hacker provided detailed instructions to the SafeMoon team on what steps to take to recover the funds. In particular, the hacker indicated that he was ready to transfer the funds in exchange for anonymity and non-prosecution in this theft.


In general, the situation with the SafeMoon theft and its return shows that the cryptocurrency market is still in its developmental stage and much remains to be done to ensure the safety and protection of users. Nevertheless, the efforts of developers and the cooperation of criminals can bring positive results and make the cryptocurrency market even more reliable and safe for all its participants.

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