Ripple-based MoneyTap launched in three Japanese banks

What is MoneyTap and how it works

  • MoneyTap – is a mobile money transfer application developed on the basis of Ripple technology. It allows users to make instant money transfers anytime and anywhere using blockchain technology.

Japanese banks that have adopted Ripple-based MoneyTap

In February 2019, MoneyTap was launched in three Japanese banks – SBI Net Sumishin Bank, Suruga Bank, and Resona Bank. These banks plan to expand their services using Ripple technology and simplify the process of interbank payments.

Benefits of using MoneyTap for users and banks

The main advantages of using MoneyTap for users and banks are the speed and convenience of money transfers, the absence of the need to use intermediaries in transactions, and the high degree of security and reliability of the blockchain system.

The future of Ripple-based MoneyTap in Japan and the world

The future of MoneyTap based on Ripple in Japan and globally is quite promising, as this technology saves time and money in financial transactions. These banks are planning to expand their services to a wider audience and introduce new features and capabilities to the application, which will improve the efficiency and comfort of using the system.


MoneyTap, powered by Ripple, is a new technology that can change the financial market in Japan from the very beginning and help users and banks to conduct transactions efficiently and securely. This technology may be the first step in the development and implementation of blockchain technologies in other countries and industries.

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