Ozon HeadHunter Yandex and Qiwi appeal delisting from Nasdaq

Four well-known Russian companies – Ozon, HeadHunter, Yandex, and Qiwi – have filed an appeal against Nasdaq’s decision to delist their shares from the exchange.

These companies were delisted after the US imposed sanctions on Russia in April 2021. Nasdaq’s decision was made in December 2021.

Ozon, HeadHunter, Yandex, and Qiwi have stated that they did not violate any sanctions and were not associated with those Russian individuals who were sanctioned by the United States. They also claim that they are not affiliated with the Russian authorities.

In addition, these companies claim that their delisting from Nasdaq could lead to a significant decline in their market value and profits, as well as a loss of investor confidence.

Representatives of these companies believe that their appeal will be successful and they will be able to return to the Nasdaq exchange. However, despite this, they are also considering alternative options to continue their operations and preserve their market value.

In any case, the appeal is an important step to protect the interests of these companies and their investors. They are trying to defend their right to continue operations and maintain market value, regardless of geopolitical circumstances and sanctions.


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