MiCA: a new European Parliament law for cryptocurrencies

What is the MiCA law?

At the beginning of 2021, the European Parliament adopted MiCA (Markets in Crypto-Assets Regulation), a law that regulates the cryptocurrency market in the European Union. Its adoption aims to ensure investor safety and reduce the risks of cryptocurrencies being used for criminal activities.

What cryptocurrencies are covered by the law?

The law MiCA applies to all cryptocurrencies used in the European Union, including bitcoin, ether and other altcoins.

What requirements does the law provide for cryptocurrencies?

The MiCA establishes regulatory requirements for cryptocurrency providers and responsible persons engaged in the storage and exchange of cryptocurrencies. The requirements cover the collection and storage of personal data, fraud protection, countering the financing of terrorism, and regulation of relations between cryptocurrency providers and banks.

What are the implications of the law for the cryptocurrency industry?

The MiCA may lead to an increased regulatory burden for cryptocurrency providers and less competition in the market. However, it may also contribute to greater market stability and increased trust, and the law may create new opportunities for the development of the cryptocurrency industry as it provides legal clarity and a regulatory framework. In addition, it can facilitate the inclusion of a wider range of users in the cryptocurrency market by increasing trust and providing a higher level of security.

How will the MiCA affect investors and users of cryptocurrencies?

The MiCA may affect investors and users of cryptocurrencies through new requirements for cryptocurrency providers. Investors and users can expect a higher level of security and protection of their personal data.

In addition, the new requirements may lead to higher prices for cryptocurrencies as providers store more data and fulfill more regulatory requirements.


The MiCA is an important step for the development of the cryptocurrency market in the European Union. It may help to increase stability and trust in cryptocurrencies, as well as create new opportunities for the industry. Investors and users of cryptocurrencies can expect a higher level of security and protection of their personal data, but may also face higher prices for cryptocurrencies due to additional requirements for providers.

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