Meta is developing a decentralized social network under the Instagram brand.

Meta is developing a decentralized Instagram-branded P92 social network that supports the ActivityPub protocol, features include previewing posts, publishing images and videos, and confirmation icons.

Meta Corporation is developing a decentralized social network for text messaging. TechCrunch writes about it with reference to the company’s statement.
It is an interesting move from Meta to release a decentralized social network under the Instagram brand. This will allow them to attract a large number of users who are already familiar with Instagram and ready to try the new application.

Support for the decentralized ActivityPub protocol will allow the P92 app to connect to other servers and expand its potential. However, it is important to consider potential privacy concerns when using such apps, and so involving the legal department in the early stages of development is the right move.
Although, it is unknown at this point when the app will become available, I am confident that P92 will generate a lot of interest among users and cause competition in the social networking market.

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