LooksRare V2 will reduce commissions on the NFT marketplace

LooksRare v2: commission reduction on the NFT marketplace

  • LooksRare – is an NFT marketplace that is growing in popularity among NFT art creators and investors. The launch of the new version of LooksRare – v2 – can be an important event for anyone interested in NFT trading.

Commission reduction on NFT marketplaces: why is it important?

One of the most important news in the launch of LooksRare v2 is the reduction of the commission on the marketplace from 2% to 0.5%. This means that users will now be able to save more money when buying and selling NFTs on LooksRare.

How to use LooksRare v2?

To start using LooksRare v2, you need to register on the marketplace. After that, you can add your NFT artwork to the marketplace and participate in auctions. It is important to pay attention to the user rating, as it can affect the price you can get for your NFT art. In addition, LooksRare has a function of integration with wallets, which allows you to conveniently make payments and receive money for sales.


The launch of LooksRare v2 with reduced fees on the marketplace is important news for everyone interested in NFT trading. This form provides users with a convenient and fast way to buy and sell NFT art, as well as the opportunity to earn money from their creations. In addition, LooksRare has a nice interface and useful features such as integration with external wallets.

The launch of a new version of the marketplace may make it even more popular among NFT art creators and investors, which will increase the turnover and demand for digital creations.


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