Ledger raises $109 mil to increase cryptocurrency storage

Demand for cryptocurrency self-storage increases as Ledger wallet provider raises $109m in investment

Ledger, one of the world’s leading crypto wallet providers, has announced that it has successfully raised $109 million in investment. This news is evidence of the growing demand for self-storage of cryptocurrencies, which requires reliable protection and storage of funds from hacker attacks and theft.

Increased demand for self-storage of cryptocurrencies

Recently, due to the rising value of cryptocurrencies and their relative stability compared to fiat currencies, the demand for cryptocurrency self-storage has been increasing. The number of individuals and companies looking for safe and secure ways to store their digital assets is constantly growing.

Ledger is at the forefront of this trend

Ledger is a French company that manufactures and sells crypto wallets for storing various cryptocurrencies. The company is known for its wallets that support more than 1500 cryptocurrencies, which allows users to store all their assets in one place.

Ledger attracts $109 million in investment

In its recent investment round, Ledger managed to raise $109 million. A significant portion of this amount was invested by global investment funds such as Draper Esprit, Korelya Capital, and Cathay Innovation. The company will use the funds to expand its geography and develop new products.

The funds raised will allow the company to expand its operations and increase the number of its employees. Reportedly, the money will be used to improve the quality of services, develop new products, launch new markets and develop existing ones.

Ledger already has successful cryptocurrency storage products, including the Nano S and Nano X hardware wallets. They provide secure storage of digital assets by storing private keys on a hardware device, making them almost inaccessible to thieves and hackers.

In addition, the company has a wide range of services that allow users to control their cryptocurrencies, from wallet software to paid services to recover lost private keys.

Expanding the company’s operations and developing new products can help attract even more users and strengthen Ledger’s position in the cryptocurrency self-storage market.

The result

Thus, it can be concluded that the growing demand for cryptocurrency self-storage has led to Ledger’s successful attraction of $109 million in investments, which will allow the company to expand its geography and develop new products to meet the needs of users.


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