Launch the Poruch Blockchain Operating System on ETHDenver

This year, ETHDenver presented the Poruch project, which is the world’s first blockchain operating system. This system allows you to create, test, and run distributed applications on various blockchains, including Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, and many others.

  • Poruch was created by a team of Ukrainian developers to facilitate the process of creating decentralized applications. The operating system allows you to create distributed applications that can run on different blockchains simultaneously, which reduces latency and provides greater scalability.

One of the key elements of Poruch is multi-blockchain support, which allows you to ensure the compatibility of programs on different blockchains. Various protocols are used for this purpose, including transaction broadcasting between blockchains and integration with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM).

Poruch also provides a user-friendly interface for creating and testing distributed applications. Developers can use programming languages such as Solidity and Vyper to create distributed applications and use built-in tools to test and debug programs.

  • Poruch uses open standards and protocols, which makes it easy to integrate with other blockchain systems and development tools. In addition, Poruch provides the ability to extend and customize the system, allowing developers to create their own applications and integrations with other services.

In addition to supporting various blockchains and programming languages, Poruch provides developers with tools for creating and managing smart contracts, allowing them to create more complex and functional applications.

The launch of the Blockchain operating system allows developers to speed up the process of creating decentralized applications and reduce their cost. This can stimulate the development of new blockchain projects and increase interest in blockchain technology.

The Poruch team plans to continue developing and improving their blockchain operating system. They also plan to expand support for new blockchains and programming languages, allowing developers to choose the technologies that best suit their needs.

In general, the launch of the Blockchain operating system is an important step towards the development of blockchain technology. Poruch allows developers to create more complex and functional applications on different blockchains with greater speed and convenience. This can stimulate the development of new blockchain projects and promote the massive use of blockchain technology.


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