KuCoin investigates reasons for hacking its Twitter account

Hacking a crypto exchange is an extremely dangerous and serious incident that can affect the security and trust of the platform, as well as financial losses for users. Unfortunately, this situation happened to the Twitter account of the KuCoin crypto exchange last night.

Hackers posted ads about fake offers and forced users to send money to a certain account, promising to receive a large amount of cryptocurrency in exchange. KuCoin representatives reported that “phishing” messages were published on their account, which were created to fraudulently provide false information to users.

  • KuCoin immediately responded to the incident by restricting access to its Twitter account and notifying its users. An investigation was also conducted into the incident and the reasons for the hack were established. Representatives of the exchange asked their customers to be careful and cautious about messages from KuCoin on social media.

Such incidents are becoming more frequent in the cryptocurrency world, so users need to adhere to the highest security standards and not trust unconfirmed messages. In addition, companies that process financial transactions must ensure the highest level of security for their users and their information to avoid potential threats to information and financial security.

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