Chinese giant Meitu buys cryptocurrency for $40 million

Meitu invests in cryptocurrency

Meitu, one of the leading Chinese developers of photo applications and social networks, announced the purchase of cryptocurrencies Bitcoin and Ethereum This step reflects the company’s strategy to diversify its investment portfolio.

Investing in Bitcoin and Ethereum

Meitu is not the first company to invest in cryptocurrencies. However, their investment is the largest among Chinese internet giants. According to the company, these investments account for about 5% of their cash balance.

Prospects for the cryptocurrency market in China

China was one of the largest cryptocurrency markets until 2017, when the country’s authorities imposed a ban on cryptocurrency trading and mining. However, given the growing popularity of these digital assets around the world, the Chinese government may reconsider its cryptocurrency policy.

Meitu is the first Chinese giant to invest in cryptocurrency

Meitu became the first Chinese Internet giant to announce investments in cryptocurrencies. The popularity of cryptocurrencies in China may lead other companies to start investing in these digital assets as well. In addition, this move could be an impetus for the Chinese government to change its policy on cryptocurrencies.


Investments Meitu The recent increase in cryptocurrency investment is a positive signal for the cryptocurrency market and shows the growing interest in these digital assets in China. Although the Chinese government still prohibits the trading and mining of cryptocurrencies, the possibility of changing this policy cannot be ruled out, especially given the growing popularity of these digital assets around the world.


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