Intel to stop producing chips for Bitcoin miners

Intel, one of the largest computer chip manufacturers in the world, has announced its decision to stop producing chips for Bitcoin miners. This decision was the result of a decline in demand for mining equipment due to the difficult situation on the cryptocurrency market.

The reason for the termination of chip production

Demand for cryptocurrency hardware, including Bitcoin mining chips, has declined significantly in recent months, which has led to a difficult situation for many companies that specialize in the production of such devices. In light of this situation, Intel has decided to stop the production of Bitcoin mining chips.

The impact of Intel’s decision on the cryptocurrency market and mining

Intel’s decision to stop producing mining chips could have a significant impact on the cryptocurrency market and mining. This could lead to less competition in the market and higher prices for other mining hardware, as lesser manufacturers may not be able to fill the void in the market. However, some experts believe that Intel’s decision does not have such a big impact on the market, as there are other companies that produce mining chips, such as AMD and Nvidia.

Other mining chip manufacturers

Intel is not the only one, and as a result, the prices of the respective hardware may increase, making it less affordable for the general public, especially for beginners. In addition, many miners may change their priorities and switch to other cryptocurrencies, such as Ethereum, which will reduce the demand for bitcoin and affect its price.

Despite this, Intel does not lose its interest in cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies. The company continues to develop chips for other applications in this area, such as blockchain platforms, cryptocurrency wallets, and others.


Consequently, the production of chips for bitcoin mining becomes less profitable and ceases to be a priority for Intel. This may affect the prices and demand for mining hardware, as well as force miners to look for alternative cryptocurrency options to make money. However, the company continues to develop chips for other blockchain and cryptocurrency applications, which shows its interest in these technologies.

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