Hong Kong banks open accounts for crypto companies

Recently, cryptocurrencies and crypto companies have grown in popularity in Hong Kong. Thus, local banks have started opening bank accounts for these companies.

What are cryptocurrencies and crypto companies?

Cryptocurrencies are digital currencies used as a means of exchange and storage. They operate on the basis of blockchain technology, which ensures their security and independence from centralized financial institutions.

Cryptocurrency companies are companies that develop and sell cryptocurrencies, as well as provide other services in the crypto industry.

Opening bank accounts for crypto companies

Previously, Hong Kong banks did not provide services to crypto companies due to the danger of higher riskiness compared to traditional companies. However, the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies has forced banks to change their policies and expand their services.

In 2023, Hong Kong banks began to actively open bank accounts for crypto companies. Currently, most Hong Kong banks have special departments that work with crypto companies and provide them with the necessary support.

Bank divisions that work with crypto companies

  • Risk Management Department – responsible for analyzing and controlling the risks associated with cryptocurrency transactions. They ensure compliance with anti-money laundering and anti-terrorist financing legislation.
  • Security Department – protects bank accounts and customer information from cyberattacks and malicious acts.
  • Customer Service Department – provides customers with all necessary services and advice on the use of bank accounts.


Thus, the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies and crypto companies has led Hong Kong banks to start providing banking services to them. To ensure security and compliance with legal requirements, banks have set up special departments that work with crypto companies.

This is a positive step in the development of cryptocurrencies and the crypto industry as a whole, as the provision of banking services will facilitate their rapid development and attract new investors. Hong Kong is currently one of the most attractive places for crypto companies in Asia.

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