Get $10 from Coinbase Wallet and Optimism now!

Recently, Coinbase Wallet and Optimism announced a joint promotion under which users who meet certain conditions can receive $10 in cryptocurrency.

Coinbase Wallet is a mobile cryptocurrency wallet that supports many assets, including Ethereum (ETH). Optimism is an Ethereum peer-to-peer network that aims to improve the scalability and transaction speed of the Ethereum network.

So, to get $10 from Coinbase Wallet and Optimism, you need to follow these steps:

1. Download Coinbase Wallet to your mobile device and create a wallet.
2. Add ETH to your Coinbase Wallet wallet.
3. Go to the Coinbase Earn website and follow the Optimism video tutorials.
4. Answer the questions after the video tutorials and get $1 in ETH for each video.
5. Invite up to 4 friends to follow the same sequence of actions to get an additional $40.

Thus, according to the terms of the Coinbase Wallet and Optimism promotion, a user can receive $10 in ETH if he or she successfully completes all of the above steps. A bonus of $40 in ETH can be received if invited friends successfully complete all stages of the promotion.

The funds can be used to trade on crypto exchanges or to purchase various goods and services that accept payment in ETH. Given that cryptocurrency rates usually change quite rapidly, the bonus received may increase or decrease over time.

In general, the Coinbase Wallet and Optimism promotion is a great opportunity for newcomers to the cryptocurrency world. It will help to register for a mobile wallet and receive the first bonus in the form of ETH, which can be used to get acquainted with the cryptocurrency market. In addition, video tutorials on Coinbase Earn will allow you to get acquainted with a new technology that improves the scalability and speed of transactions on the Ethereum network.


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