Deribit launches spot trading in BTC and ETH

Deribit is a crypto derivatives exchange that was launched in 2016. The main products on the exchange were futures and options on Bitcoin and Ethereum. However, since April 19, 2023, the exchange has expanded its range and added spot (i.e., instant) trading with BTC and ETH to the list of tradable assets.

What is spot trading?

Spot trading means buying or selling cryptocurrency at its current price on the market. This differs from futures and options trading, where trading takes place at a future date at a predictable price.

What does this mean for Deribit?

The launch of spot trading on Deribit is a big win for the exchange. It means that Deribit can now offer its customers even more trading opportunities. It also means that the exchange becomes even more accessible to those looking for instant cryptocurrency trading.

The move could also help Deribit compete with other exchanges that already offer spot trading. More and more exchanges are looking to add spot trading to their platform as it is an important factor in attracting new customers.


Deribit has taken a big step towards expanding its platform and offering its customers even more trading options. The addition of spot trading with BTC and ETH means that the exchange is becoming more competitive and attractive to those looking for instant cryptocurrency trades.

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