Chinese civil servants switch to digital yuan

Digital yuan: what is it and how does it work?

  • Digital yuan – is a new form of digital currency that China issued in 2020. They are the electronic equivalent of cash stored digitally on special electronic wallets. Digital yuan is based on blockchain technology, which ensures its security and transparency. The Chinese government developed this currency to replace cash and reduce dependence on foreign currencies such as the US dollar.

Switching to digital yuan: reasons and benefits

China is gradually introducing digital yuan in its economy, including for the payment of civil servants’ salaries. One of the main reasons for this transition is the government’s desire to digitalize the economy and reduce cash circulation. Digital yuan ensures security and transparency of transactions and reduces the cost of printing cash.

Prospects for the development of digital yuan in China

The Chinese government intends to further promote the introduction of digital yuan into the country’s economy. They are already being actively used in a number of areas, including e-commerce and public transportation. It is also expected that financial services based on digital yuan, such as credit and investment services, will become more accessible and convenient for users.

How will the transition to digital yuan affect Chinese civil servants?

Starting in May 2023, all urban civil servants in China will be paid in digital yuan. This means that they will be able to use e-wallets and receive and transfer money for free without having to use cash. In addition, digital yuan provides a high level of security and transparency, which makes payment transactions more reliable and convenient for civil servants.


The switch to digital yuan for civil servants’ salaries is part of a broader process of digitalization of China’s economy. Digital RMB ensures security and transparency of transactions, reduces the cost of printing cash, and makes payment transactions more reliable and convenient.

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