Blocking of ChatGPT chatbot for the Italian regulator

Italian regulator blocks chatbot with artificial intelligence

In early March, the Italian Securities and Exchange Commission (CONSOB) blocked access to ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence-based chatbot. This chatbot was designed to improve communication between investors and financial companies.

Criticism in action

CONSOB’s decision has provoked a negative reaction from the community of Internet users and experts in the field of artificial intelligence. They express concern that such actions may hinder the development of new technologies and violate freedom of speech on the Internet.

Explanation from CONSOB

In its official statement, CONSOB said that its decision was due to technical issues with the security and protection of personal data of users using the ChatGPT chatbot.

Developers’ response

The company behind the ChatGPT chatbot expressed its surprise at the CONSOB’s decision and emphasized that their product meets all security and data protection requirements.

Next steps

CONSOB representatives stated that they are working to resolve the issue and are looking for ways to restore access to the ChatGPT chatbot. However, access to this chatbot remains blocked until now.

The result

The blocking of the ChatGPT chatbot by the Italian regulator has caused a wave of negative reactions from the community of users and experts in the field of artificial intelligence, who express concerns about freedom of speech on the Internet and the development of new technologies.


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