BitKeep Wallet became popular thanks Arbitrum dropshipping

The popular cryptocurrency wallet BitKeep has reached a million users thanks to dropshipping from the large-scale Arbitrum project.

Let’s take a closer look:

  • BitKeep Wallet – is a mobile wallet for storing cryptocurrencies that allows users to conveniently manage their digital assets. Recently, the platform reached a historical record of 10 million users, which was made possible by Arbitrum’s successful dropshipping.

What is Arbitrum dropshipping?

  • Arbitrum – is a large-scale blockchain platform that allows you to expand the capabilities of Ethereum. One of the important tools of this platform is dropshipping, which allows projects to attract new users who receive a small number of tokens from the project.

How did BitKeep Wallet dropshipping help you?

To attract new users, BitKeep Wallet organized a dropshipping program where participants received tokens from Arbitrum. This significantly increased the popularity of the wallet among crypto investors, as they had the opportunity to try out the new technology and get tokens for free.


Залучення нових користувачів завжди є головним завданням для криптовалютних проектів, тому дропшипінг стає важливим інструментом для розширення аудиторії. Для BitKeep Wallet дропшипінг від Arbitrum став ключовим моментом в залученні нових користувачів та збільшенні популярності серед криптоінвесторів


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