Biden urges to consider risks artificial intelligence

Risks of artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is capable of achieving great results, but its use carries significant risks. According to research, there may be negative consequences of artificial intelligence, such as privacy violations, discrimination, unemployment, etc.

  • Social distress and exclusion: AI can lead to increased unemployment, inequality, and exclusion between social groups, which can make people’s lives worse.
  • Security concerns: Artificial intelligence can be targeted by hackers and cybercriminals who can use it to steal data or hack into systems.
  • Autonomous weapon systems: Artificial intelligence can be used for military purposes, which can lead to autonomous weapon systems that can make decisions about the use of force without human control.
  • Ethical issues: AI can violate human rights, especially with regard to data privacy, which can be used without proper authorization or knowledge of the owner.
  • Other problems: Other risks associated with artificial intelligence include, for example, economic instability, imperfect algorithms, and dependence on technology.

Challenges for technology companies

Technology companies that use artificial intelligence must be responsible and aware of the possible risks of its use. Companies should take into account ethical principles and personal data protection requirements.

Biden’s position

US President Joe Biden calls on tech companies to consider the risks associated with artificial intelligence. In his address to companies, he emphasizes the need for ethical use of AI and compliance with data privacy requirements.

Recommendations for using AI

Companies should have a clear strategy for using artificial intelligence that minimizes risks and ensures ethical use. It is important to be transparent and open about the use of AI and research in this area.

A call for accountability

The use of artificial intelligence should be associated with responsibility and control over the consequences of its application. Companies should ensure that effective mechanisms are in place to control and supervise the use of AI, and take into account user feedback and suggestions for improving the use of the technology.


Artificial intelligence is one of the key technologies of our time, which has great potential to achieve important goals, but also carries significant risks. It is important that tech companies adhere to ethical principles and data protection requirements, as well as ensure control and responsibility for the consequences of AI use.


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